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The Main Factors On Getting A Business Website To The Number 1 Position On Google


High Google Ranking


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Your business can appear on local search results, as well as factors that contribute to ranking your business in Google Maps. To get the best search rankings and appear in the relevant local searches on Google Maps, it is critical to optimize your Google My Business Listing. With so many websites and potential competitors, it is not surprising that it is hard to get your site on Googles first page. In short, there are many factors involved with ranking for local SEO, which affects the ranking of your business, and there is no magic bullet to rocket to the top of the local search results.  


These factors come together to give you a strategy for highly authoritative local SEO, and it helps to get your business to rank on the Google Local Search results, even when you are located well beyond the centroid of a city. The first-place rank on Google My Business for your business also acts as a key performance indicator for your customers, as well as for other visitors on the internet that arrive looking for local SEO services. You can significantly impact your local search rankings by focusing on the external factors, that is, elements beyond the site and your Google My Business (GMB) listing. as we all know, the results of Google Maps are mostly based on searchers location, and so, there are two key factors which could potentially impact the rankings of your business on your Google Maps listing.


When someone searches for a business or location close to their location, they will be presented with local results throughout Google, across locations such as Maps and Search.  


If the business is further from a searchers location, but is more likely to have what he is looking for, compared with a nearby business, Google ranks it higher in the local search results. For instance, Googles algorithms may decide that a business further away from your location is more likely to have what you are looking for than the closest business, and so ranks it higher in local results. Understanding them better, and knowing their effect on local SEO, is a way of getting a better Google ranking for local searches, by reference to what your business offers. ONE goal with dealing with SEO ranking factors is to make sure that Google knows that the pages of your website are relevant for specific searches, and that is why people are clicking the links and visiting your website.


Many of the SEO ranking factors that we are going to cover in this article will help you build the foundations to get good rankings from search engines, but you should also take care of user experience once people arrive at your site. A number of factors affect how Google ranks a site, and it is important that you take all these elements into consideration when building your business site. Aside from creating contents and getting backlinks, one of the more  obvious ranking factors is using keywords throughout your site. One of the most crucial steps in improving the rankings of your website on Googles search results is making sure it contains lots of high-quality information, which includes appropriate keywords used in an appropriate way, which indicates your content topic.

Whether you are a higher education institute, law firm, or business from any other industry, search engine results rankings play an integral role in the traffic and ability of your site to generate revenues. With Google being the worlds most popular search engine, it makes sense businesses want to place their websites in such a way as to rank them the highest. Most businesses either believe that just having a website on there is going to put them in enough search results to be noticed, or that only the special businesses will make it into Googles top results. We suggest using a search ranking factors for local businesses as a guide for what experts are doing, and testing out as many of the factors with high rankings as possible to see which ones stick with your business.   


What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process by which a website is optimised to be placed well in the search engine listings. The correct words and links throughout your website can make a huge difference to your Google, Bing & Yahoo rankings. Ghost Web Design have extensive experience in getting websites higher up with the proper use of good quality well written text, links, headers & file names. There are a multitude of little technical tweaks that can be made to help boost your websites performance. What works one week might not necessarily work the next as the search engine analytic structure is changed and updated regularly. We monitor our optimised websites and make sure they remain competitive in their selected well chosen areas.

The key to getting business from the internet is getting the relative keywords placed correctly throughout your website, the website itself needs to be constructed in a way that conforms with the many regulations that forever change as the search engines adjust their search algorithms. Close monitoring of these enable us to adjust your website to make sure it agrees with what is right at the time. Some factors that are always important are speed of opening the site, images correctly labelled and how the website works with old and new browsers.

As soon as the website is properly set we then activate a strategically worded ad-word campaign with Google, Bing or in some cases both. These campaigns work with instant effect and also help lift your website even more up the natural listings, creating momentum, working to keep this trend moving upwards and onwards on a constant monthly basis which all helps getting your website o the natural listing number one position. This is so important because most people when browsing on Google for a new product or service make their choice from the top three natural listings. Some of our customers have indeed turned their businesses around by letting us do the ground work to get them to that position.